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#i bet dum dum took this picture#dum dum always had a camera of sorts on him#he liked to tinker with it#and he liked to make memories last#when you’re six feet under all that matters is the memories you leave behind#the smithsonian’s exhibit is 76% courtesy of timothy dugan’s estate#although there are other pictures that the commandos burned#after ve day#a funeral pyre if you wish#without bodies to bury#they each had turns to keep the folded flags#both cap’s and sarge’s#and they burned those pictures#those memories didn’t belong to history#they belonged to the two of them alone#the boys knew that#and respected that#god [via ink-phoenix]

#pleaseeee#don’t do this to me#dum dum always taking pictures of the simplest things#of the coffee they’re all having in the bitter cold before the suns even out#of the way their two cos bodies always lean towards each other#of a the places they visited on leave#the bars and brothels and peaceful valleys#to look at dumdum’s photos you would’ve never known they were in a middle of a war#other than the uniforms and ever present guns#because thy were already immersed in it why make their art about it as well?#dum dum notices Steve always sketching in the mornings when they have the most downtime#always an abandoned farm they’d seen earlier or a the silhouettes and profiles of their team#and they get into a good natured argument about which is better; drawing or photography#dum dum finds this photo later#after he’s gone home to his family#sees it as the last moments the group were ever truly together#he locks it away in a box with all the rest and hands it to his wife#tells her to keep it safe and to never let him see it again#years and years later#after dum dum and his immediate family are long gone#his granddaughter donates his war effects to the smithsonian exhibit#theres a whole section dedicated to the photos dum dum took#and Steve sees it and smiles in that sad way of his because#dum dum finally got his work into a gallery#the howling commandos#dum dum Dugan#captain america: the first avenger#marvel#marvel films (via bibucks)



[via ink-phoenix]

 (via bibucks)

I’m sorry, did your animal just call me a liar?


"ms. bishop you’re not—"

“—technically an avenger. fine. a young avenger, whatever”

I fell through the wall this weekend. I am really proud of that! I showed up at the shoot and I’ve got bruises and they’re like, “You look so rugged!” And I’m like, “Yeah, I’m a badass.” Then I had to tell them it was a fake wall.


Bras de fer, bras de chair, si tu mens, je t’envoie en enfer.



Hari Kondabolu analyzes a Matthew McConaughey interview about gay rights in The Advocate where he outs one of his college friends, talks about how popular he was in highschool and comes up with a program to help “the nerd, the gay kid, the fat girl and the kid with the hairlip.”

OMG I never knew he was such a tool but then how could I not..?


There is grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed into a few forms or into one. —Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species